After-School Program 
RASP and K-Club (Child Care Programs)
Nursery Programs At Ramapo and Spring Valley High Schools

Working Parents : This may be for you!

If you're looking for a safe, enriching, fun place to send your elementary school child, Rockland After-School Programs (RASP) and the Kindergarten Club (K-Club) may be the answer for you. RASP is for children in grades 1-6. K-Club is for youngsters in kindergarten. RASP has been providing high-quality child care in East Ramapo since 1983.

Where can children attend RASP and K-Club?
For youngsters in grades 1-6: at Eldorado, Hillcrest, Lime Kiln, or Margetts.
For youngsters in kindergarten: at the Ramapo Freshman Center.

Who can attend?
All elementary students who live in the East Ramapo Central School District. Busing to each site, if required, is provided. Parents pick children up at the end of the day.

When can children attend?
RASP is open each day for three hours after school.
K-Club is open each day for seven hours after school.

Why are RASP and K-Club so special?
RASP is a place where children do the things they love to do most, such as cooking, games, art, block building, dramatic play, science, and outdoor play.
K Club is a place where youngsters experience a meaningful curriculum, balanced with active and quiet times, and where the staff provides a loving environment in a spacious, comfortable, and safe setting.
RASP and K-Club are places where friendships grow among adults and children.
RASP and K-Club are places where children share ideas, problems, laughter.
RASP and K-Club are places where children are treated with respect.
RASP and K-Club are places where children learn to make decisions, solve conflicts, and gain confidence.

How much do RASP and K-Club cost?
RASP tuition is based on the number of days your child attends.
K-Club tuition is based on the number of days and hours your child attends.

For Further Information (RASP and K-Club)
Please call (845) 577-6141

At Ramapo and Spring Valley High Schools

The Ramapo and Spring Valley Nursey Programs are unique, creative, longstanding, quality preschool programs. In these programs, 3- and 4-year-old children are taught by professional teachers with the assistance of high school students. These students take classes developed specifically to train them in child psychology, child development, and teaching skills. They learn to understand children through classroom discussions, textbook work, and direct experiences with youngsters in this program. After learning the fundamentals, they implement their learning through creative, fun projects, and free and planned play activities. These activities are supervised and directed by the teacher and a qualified teaching assistant. For more information and specifics related to time, availability, and cost, please contact Betty Schoenberg at Ramapo at 577-6477 or Paula Vogel at Spring Valley at 577-6556